Published on 02/15/2018 11:23 am
Best Way to Ensure Health of Your Family with Best RO Water Purifier

Drinking safe and clean water is a prerequisite for any family to stay fit and strong. Nowadays, when water contamination is already a rampant, the best we can do to ensure the health of our family is to install a water purifier from a reliable brand. RO water purifiers are among the best water purifiers that you can bring home. However, before you buy RO water purifier, here are some of the points that you need to consider. 

1. Quality of Tap Water:

The very first thing that you need to check is the amount of Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) in the water. If you find that TDS level in your tap water is higher than the permissible range, go for an RO water filter. RO water purifier is best suited to sanitize hard impure water. However, RO technology cannot get rid of microorganisms like bacteria and virus from water. For that, you need additional filters.

2. Double Purification Technology:

Along with RO technology, most of the popular water purifiers employ an additional filtration technologies to ascertain that the water is 100% clean and safe for drinking. Double purification comprising RO and UV (Ultraviolet) or UF (Ultra Filtration) technologies act together to remove bacteria as well as dissolved impurities such as toxic chemical compounds from tap water. Companies such as Kent offer the best RO water purifiers with double purification technology.

3. Quality Certified Purifiers:

With the rising demand for RO water purifiers today, there are many brands which manufacture RO filters. However, not all of these brands are certified to provide absolutely safe drinking water. It is imperative to check that the manufacturer of your RO purifier is certified by renowned authorities acknowledged all over the world. This ensures the quality as well as the reliability of the brand that you have chosen.

4. Purification Strength:

Availability of pure and safe drinking water whenever you need is one of the basic requirements for your family. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check the filtration capacity of your water purifier. Some of the best RO water purifier in India come equipped with a purification capacity of 20 litres per hour or more. In cities where with power shortages, this level of storage capacity is a boon. 

5. Water Storage Capacity:

Before buying an RO water purifier you need to check its water storage capacity, to ensure it can adequately service you and your family members. RO Water purifiers of different capacities are available in the market and a company representative can help you judge the size suitable for your family. So you will get a wide number of choices to pick the one that suits your requirement best.

Investing in the best water purifier for your home can be quite perplexing, given that there are countless choices available in the market. However, not all brands are equally reliable. Keeping a note of these few checks can help you finalize on the most suitable product for your family.

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